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Codes for a Healthy Earth


Please share with your circles of Love, participate often, post photos!

A Silent Global Minute followed by a Guided Meditation and/or local Watershed Community events - To practice our Codes for a Healthy Earth and setting our pure intention for healing of Women and the healing our right relationship to our Essential One Source Water, thus healing our relationship with All Of Life and most importantly with ourselves.

Loving Waters is honored to participate in the Codes for a Healthy Earth, along with 7 Days of Rest and people from all of the world with the 08.03.202 International Women's Day world-wide event ~ HEALING WOMEN ~ HEALING WATER ~ and beyond.

We heal 'Grandmother Water' first... because Mother Gaia Earth and All Life born from her is born from first from Grandmother Water and she is older than the Sun. We Place Water is First in All Life depending on her.

Create a community event

This is simply being called into a moment of Prayer all together, once each day to say thank you and/or organize an action or event to build a rising momentum surrounding the Earth infusing All Life through out every Watershed of the World... with a resonant field of Love

but especially on the following days:

Today (here and now),

Tomorrow (a good day to be alive and well),

March 8, 2020 International Women's Day

(healing women heal the world),

March 14, 2020, International Day of Action for Rivers

(22nd annual)

March 22, 2020 World Water Day

(everyday is World Water Day)

April 12, 2020 Easter Sunday

(the returning of the light of the Sun)

April 22, 2020 Earth Day

(mark 50 years of Earth Days)

Every full and new moon in 2020

When else can you think of?


This one was the first, beginning on Feb. 6, 2020

Codes for a Healthy Earth

Learn more for how Loving Waters is living the Codes:

LovingWaters.Life Healing Women Healing Water

7 Days of Rest:

International Day of Action for the Rivers:

Plan an action for World Water Day:

Earth Day Action Hub:

History of Earth Day:

Protect the Clean Water Act:

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