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WaterUnity Networks

Join WUN to become a Water First Steward


The Water Unity Networks (WUN) are an alliance of regenerative practitioners and platforms collectively coming together in radical collaboration to serve as emerging Water First Stewards. We are working together to co-create a planetary network of interconnected, citizen-led, small-group Wisdom Councils and Circles of Trust.

The Watershed Wisdom Councils Concept (WWCC) is set of concept navigational charts for organizing an emerging movement of Water↔Earth Stewardship into robust globally network of bio-regionally connected, locally empowered, and internally aligned groups of Circles of Trust and/or Watershed Wisdom Councils, aligning from Source to Sea with Water as the Essence of Life.


The structural container we are co-creating to hold this 'glocal' (local to global) whole-system 'Water Ethos' (WE) is the online platform of the WaterUnity Networks (WUN). This community-building framework strives to be a hub for coordinating radical collaborations to cultivate and support Regenerative Culture worldwide. Loving Waters is the original Watershed Wisdom Council; which is now an incubating Partner Platform serving as a heart-centered compass for the participants of the nascent WaterUnity Networks.


Designed as our public-facing Community Commons, the WUN ATRIUM @ Loving Waters is one of several focused gathering points for the pathway into WaterUnity Networks membership. While you can just glean whatever valuable information in the WUN ATRIUMS' public spaces serves your needs, you are invited to venture deeper into the depths to learn about high-level collaborative Water↔ Earth Stewardship for your Watershed, community and bioregion.

Explore more about this vital process of remembrance by jumping to our WUN ATRIUM 

or going directly to the WaterUnity Networks website to join in on the fun



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