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December 10, 2016

There are many Water advocacy and activist organizations doing good work aligned with Loving Waters principles and ethics. This is a growing list, so please check back often. 

December 9, 2016

The wisdom of Water.  Alanna Moore.   2007

"Fresh water tends to vanish when human impacts are high.But we can reverse this trend and reconnect with the wisdom and healing Powers of water. In this book geomancer Alanna Moore delves into waters mysterious origins and manifestations.its energetic and spiritual aspects, global traditions, global ramifications, current issues as well as water in Australian landscapes."

Nature S...

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Water Study.pdf
Dr Emoto Crystals, Water & Radiation.pdf
Water Memory
Clean Water
Wake Up Call on
Water Cooperation
Seechewel Model for cleaning Ganga.pdf
Hopi Water Prophesy.pdf
Viktor Schauberger.pdf
Love Water? Tell Us Why!I AM So Confused (???)What is the CURRENT Water Crisis?ALL LIFE Needs Good Water!I Love Water as SOURCE of All Life!I AM WATERLove Water? Tell Us Why!

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