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To catalyze the systemic healing needed,  it is essential that we shift to holistic, comprehensive healing strategies. Rooted in wisdom from different traditions and disciplines, 7 Days of Rest offers a global platform and process for co-creating a unified force field of collective healing and re-calibration. It creates a shared space where our collective immune system and multi-faceted healing potential can be activated simultaneously.

As with any individual or living system, the first stage of healing is essentially one of rest.  Rest means removing noise and stress from the system. When we create an environment, as free as possible of noise, stress and toxins we can begin to learn more about the nature of the illness and the required healing process.  We can begin to listen to what is needed to ensure the additional healing steps for the eradication of the disease and the replenishment of ourselves and the planet. 

Beyond rest, additional healing steps involve:

  1. Identifying the underlying cause of the disease.

  2. Removal of the root cause of the disease and detoxing the system from the noise, contamination and behavior that contributes to stress and disables resonance with each other and the natural environment.

  3. Rehabilitation: repairing the damage and restoring nature’s pathways to enable healthy communication among all parts of the interconnected whole.

  4. Replenishing the system with healthy nourishment and conditions conducive for healing.

  5. Creating a healthy, resilient and life-enhancing culture with a strong immune system dedicated to the thriving of the whole.

  6. Embedding the vitality-code – nature’s code of accurate mutual nourishment in the culture to ensure optimal harmony in diversity.

  7. Removing the trauma memory from the body. 

For the Healing and Re-calibration of the Planet and all its Inhabitants

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