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Elizabeth Herald

:: "At the purest level of Truth, All of Life on Earth is simply the infinite

:: creative impulse of Water expressing her Love and Curiosity." ~ Elizabeth


:: Currently working passionately as a citizen Water Guardian I have found this

:: passion is fulfilling my life’s purpose to return 100% purity to Our One

:: Living Source Water's body, flow and song for the future generations of ALL LIFE.


:: The pure Water flowing through the beautiful lakes and rivers of the

:: High Sierra Mountains in California has been a touchstone since childhood;

:: the gift of being nourished by Da ow ga (also known as Lake Tahoe)

:: has defined and directed my life’s journey. It is through these essential

:: early experiences that I can now consider myself a fully committed

:: Water advocate. This has inspired me to dedicate my life towards

:: seeking and communicating the Truth of Water as Our Source thru

:: the strategic, peaceful engagement of media and subtle activism.


:: Having worked for 23 years in media production as a freelance editor,

:: cameraperson, and line producer and I am now primarily creating websites

:: including this one for Loving Waters and focusing on my Water work (fun). Specializing in

:: the travel and adventure sport genre, I have traveled around the world to amazing places

:: on this incredible Earth that few have seen.


:: I have held a long dream of using media to invite and encourage lasting change in the

:: behavior of the human species. In fact, I intentionally chose media production as

:: my profession, realizing this was how we could effect the broadest beneficial changes in

:: humanity. I have recognized that modern media is currently the most powerful

:: method we learn and communicating today - and that this medium is a very effective way :: in which we can herald in a world that works for all.


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