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Earth Day Blessing For Our Youth

[Butterfly Woman Painting by © 2016 Abril Mondragon]​

Earth Day Blessing For Our Youth

by Grandmother Abril Mondragon

Earth is Our Mother

from the luminous intelligence

long ago, now and will come again

the Elements of Creation

give form and multi-dimension to all

expressions of creation

pulse sing embryonic waters

ocean of infinite potentiality

inner and inter connecting

breath winds dancing

heartbeat rhythms

birthing celestial worlds, galaxies,

planets and star light shining

within the luminous night

water weaving

weaving water,

with breath, light and stone

stone became dust and dust became stone

light became seeds and seeds became bones

giving form and multi-dimension

to all expressions of creation

in the great turning of spiraling

spirit, time and space

the milk and honey galaxy

where earth and sun and solar tribe

were born and have been lovers

since before time began

this loving

life giving nature of creation’s

great ancestral remembering

sees us

knows us

is listening to us

is speaking to us

from whence we have traveled

where we are now

and through the songlines

of creations dreaming

to guide us

over the horizon

with the power of

creations luminous intelligence

and life giving nature

human beings

now stand at the crossroads

of infinite potentiality

where there is no old way, no new way

only the way of living peacefully and in harmony

with Earth

Earth is our Mother


[Butterfly Woman Painting by © Abril Mondragon]

Corn Staff of Life

Living Power

of Healing and AnceStar's

Knowing and Wise Ways

Birthing Seeds of Creation

with Vision of peace and harmony

for all Life

Is Sacred

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