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Kathleen Brigidina Haerr


:: Deep peace of the running wave to you, of water flowing, rising and falling, sometimes

:: advancing, sometimes receding . . . May the stream of your life flow unimpeded!

:: Deep peace of the running wave to you. – Celtic Prayer


:: I am honored to be a water guardian, and loving advocate for our precious Earth. I trust

:: in the evolutionary flow of our collective spirit, as I discover and share ancient Earth

:: wisdom through my life's work as an Eco-Artist, Writer, Art Facilitator, Creative

:: Essence Coach, and energy practitioner.


:: I rise to be as Water and Earth, a more loving and nourishing Feminine. Embracing our

:: oneness, and unlimited creation energy, joyfully connecting with our youth as

:: facilitatorof WorldView Explorations with the "Institute of Noetic Sciences", and with

:: culturally creative beings around the world as Artist Partner Liason for "TreeSisters NP

:: Organization".


:: Kathleen is a Water Guardian for the Great Lakes Watershed, including Des Plaines

:: River, Chicago River and the Fox River.


:: website:

:: For More Information:

:: Contact: Attn: Kathleen

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