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Our Pool of Dreams

Do you remember the fleeting moment, barely caught,

tightly spanned between asleep … and AWAKE!

Just before we’ve forgotten ourselves into deepest sleep;

Our ONE fluid beating heart, in a moment glimpsing

the Expansive Realms of our Unlimited Potentiality

When, as our thoughts thicken,

they liquesce into shining opalescent pools,

and are remembered thus


As silvery beads of mercurial memories

Water puddles across the stretched taut plains

of our consciousness

as shimmering reflections/mirrors to Our Self

Come … can you recall kneeling

instinctually resting on a beautiful green mossy edge

of an especially brilliant indigo pool, laced through

and through with a glowing filigree of gold & violet LIGHT?

Where, as you peer into the Water gathered,

you see the luminous diffraction of your own face;

an rich reverberant vibrational song,

in ever-changing rings of frequency resonating inward

towards the shores;

vibrant, sacred, wise, bubbling and ALIVE … YOU.


the eyes you gaze upon are as steady as your heartbeat.

Still, unwavering, embracing All as our own Mother;

Kissed you sweetly as a cherished child, a sacrament lost, now found.

Do you remember the Faithfl?

Then remember ME –

I AM THE ONE LIFE flowing with you in this imperfect vision.

Eyes peering through the portals, pools of our own souls,

Beholding you, beholding me, holding ALL.

I AM crouched like a wild one laughing joyously to have you see me

And you, there on the other side of the thin and still thinning veil

Peering from the raised edges into your own mossy deep pool of dreams

in welcoming remembrance we smile.

As we touch our own small child’s fingers gently upon these radiant reflections of Self.

Caressing our faces transposed, as our own.

Each reaches past the gossamer veil, beyond this vast delusion of separation,

Where we shed a drop of the dream upon our myriad tongues like a golden tear.

Tasting this specific sweetness of moisture’s Source

We remembering US as thus. We are Home.

Clearly it is in this pure peace of unborn possibilities

We shall forever BE


by elizabeth (Herald), © 1999 (rev. 2018) (please do not copy or share without permission)

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