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Vibrant Vital Water


Vibrant Vital Water® is dedicated to revitalizing, renewing, and preserving earth's most precious and vital resource; "Water"


"Together with shared intentions of love and respect towards the spirit and substance of water, we will change our relationship with water and the earth. Without water, there would be no life, its the medium for miraculous transformation; the mother of all life. Life is water dancing to the rhythm and vibrations of its environment."

This is a project of love from a visionary innovator Randy Hatton who is developing leading edge technologies to directly and significantly improve the physical and bio-energetic qualities of planetary water preserves.

Randy's message to the world is; water is 'Conscious'. Its a living, breathing memory containing being/element, if it is treated with respect, love and honor, it will give life. But if its abused and misused, it can deplete life. Randy is very concerned about the natural vitality and energy of the water being depleted, and how this affects humanity as well as all living creations on this earth. He is compelled by the problems we face concerning the waterways of the planet.

Vibrant Vital Water also provide products and research information to the public so everyone can enjoy clean, vibrant, energized, living water. They carry a broad range of products: books, filtered water systems, vortexed magnetized frequency inducing devices, water additives and supplements. These are new technologies which oxygenate and alter the molecular structure of water. This purified healing water is the water nature always intended.

In order to do our part to improve the water sources of the world, Vibrant Vital Water® has a patented water system capable of revitalizing vast quantities of water, which will help all living creations on this planet. Currently, living water is a rare commodity due to our lack of collective consciousness in our everyday living: and whether we realize it or not, nature's kingdoms as a whole, are suffering . We at Vibrant Vital Water® believe that humans have played the major role in polluting the planet and we also firmly believe that everyone should take responsibility in making our earth a more healthy habitat. With your support, we can and will make a massive shift for millions of people and their environments; now and for future generations. 10 percent of a sales goes to Project Clean Ocean.

To learn more about Vibrant Vital Water go to: ​

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