Local Loving Waters Watersheds Gratitude Gatherings


with Water Guardians Maya Shaw Gale & Art Cisneros

Gratitude for the Water!!!
Location & time TBA each month

Sponsored by Tribal Trust Foundation & Loving Waters

**Children welcome

**Bring container of water for group blessing
**Rain or shine...bring an umbrella!!

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Delray Beach, FL / 1st Sat. of every month

Water Guardian: Kristin Bauer

Kristin has been holding water ceremonies for 2.5 years. She studied in Japan with Dr. Masaru Emoto who wrote the book Messages in Water. (google him)

There are many indigenous communities that perform water ceremonies. Water carries sound. Water carries intention. Water is life and Water is moving. Your sacred water is your blood. Our sacred water is the springs, streams, rivers lakes and oceans.

We must stop the industrial waste spinoffs here in Florida....

Lee County Watershed, Fort Meyers,FL 

Water Guardian: Holley Ruaen 

Water Ceremony the first Saturday AM every month on the Caloosahatchee River, in concert with Sacred Water Tribe in DelRay Beach with Kristin Bauer.

Past Water Gatherings


Water Blessing Sacred Water Ceremony at Centennial Park in Fort Myers.

This is a synchronized water ceremony with The Sacred Water Tribe in Delray Beach to join in resonance to heal the waters all over the planet. Even if you do not live in Florida or can not attend a ceremony in your area...

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