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Delray Beach, FL ~ 8:00am (1st Sat. of every month)

Delray Beach, FL / 1st Sat. of every month

Water Guardian: Kristin Bauer

Kristin has been holding water ceremonies for 2.5 years. She studied in Japan with Dr. Masaru Emoto who wrote the book Messages in Water. (google him)

There are many indigenous communities that perform water ceremonies. Water carries sound. Water carries intention. Water is life and Water is moving. Your sacred water is your blood. Our sacred water is the springs, streams, rivers lakes and oceans.

We must stop the industrial waste spinoffs here in Florida. We must stop the water pollution by our municipalities.

If you want to join Kristin to sing your songs and say your prayers:

Contact Kristin Bauer on FB. First Saturday of every month.

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