Together we love, honor and celebrate what is most sacred, 

in gratitude for the Source of Life itself 

~  Our Living Water and beloved Mother Earth ~

Loving Waters is a growing community of Water Stewards, coming together in remembrance of our primary relationship: Life as Water ~ Water as Life.

Our intention is to expand the human perspective as we celebrate our One Water

as the Source of All Life by engaging in watershed educational campaigns, practices, and ceremonies.  As significant pathways to healing and reconciliation for our beloved Planet Earth and All Life, Loving Waters encourages ongoing simple acts of giving deep gratitude to our Essential Water, both as individuals and in our communities. 

7 Days of Watershed Wisdom

2020 7 Days.jpeg

Friday's Closing Ceremony Zoom Call

1/7/2020 @ 3 pm PST / 6 pm EST for 7th Day


 Community Connections

 Sept 28, 2019

    Sept 14, 2019

Standing on the Shores of Remembrance

Full Moon Water Blessing Ceremony

FB: #LovingWaters          #WaterFirst

New Moon Water Connection Call

Connect to the Soul of Water ~ Inspiring Water Guardians

On the New Moon each month w/ 'Zoom' conference calls

Time: 8pm EST/5pm PST/10am AU (next day)

Local / Global Full Moon Water Blessings

Gathering Around the Planet ~ Standing for our Watersheds

On day of the Full Moon at our own Watersheds

Time: Anytime (you decide)

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Generative Alliances

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We inspire communities 
to connect in celebration  and gratitude for our vital Watersheds, rippling love
to all Life born of her.



A diverse pool of Water Advocates sharing our Love of Water, expressing   the Source of All  Life on our precious Mother Earth..



As we share our Water prayers & poems, included in each other’s ceremonies, a great resonance thus ripples around the planet.

Ongoing  Campaigns