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Loving Waters Council

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Shelley Darling

"Upon hearing the Water’s call, our hearts rise to answer. Together, moved by a deep remembering

and willingness to stand for her, we discover the urge to gather for our ONE Water,

not as a commodity, not as a resource, but as the veritable Essence of All Life... within and without"


Shelley Darling has dedicated over 35 years to the path of Unconditional Love, Embodied Heart Awakening, and Conscious Evolution. She has spent years synergizing powerful modalities of personal growth, spiritual knowledge, 

 Feng Shui and founded Golden Light Dowsing~Earth Medicine Alchemy, a dynamic whole systems approach, that speaks to the Ancient Science and Evolution of Dowsing transformational journey, both individually and collectively.

She is the co-founder of GOOD of the WHOLE a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization whose vision is a world where every individual feels valued, connected, and whole. GOOD of the WHOLE's mission is to cultivate an ethos of wholeness and nurture our innate capacity to live for the good of the whole, through supporting and amplifying individuals, groups, organizations and initiatives that live for the good of the whole.


In 2015 she heard the Water calling and began to weave her Dowsing with an indigenous method of cleaning,     bringing water back to its original blueprint. Loving Waters was a natural movement to combine her gifts as a         co-creative steward bringing individuals and communities together sharing in the joy and wonder of Water. 


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Contact: 415-516-3555

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