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Maya Shaw Gale

"My passion is to unify communities around the understanding of Water as our common ancestor, our essence, and the Source of all Life and to restore our sacred relationship with Water and Mother Earth."

A long time Water Guardian and Ceremonialist, Maya Shaw Gale, is also a transformational life coach, published poet, energy worker and retreat leader. Maya’s recognition of Water as the sacred source of all life, and an intelligence 

holding vast wisdom, began in 1987 when she received a direct transmission from the Water during a backpacking trip in the California mountains.


Since then, she has drawn from the scientific research of Dr. Matsuo Emoto and Dr. Gerald Pollack, and learned several indigenous approaches to communicating with Water to restore its original crystalline structure including the Medicine Wheel Ceremony taught by Marshall GoldenEagle. Maya holds monthly full moon Water Blessing Ceremonies in her Santa Barbara Watershed area, and is happy to travel​ to initiate Water Blessing circles in other areas.


Maya is the secretary at Tribal Trust Foundation in Santa Barbara, Loving Waters      Partner and Fiscal Sponsor

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