We are now adding your Rivers, Lakes, and Watersheds to our Loving Waters Worldwide Watershed & Stewards map so we can easily connect with each other! Imagine traveling and knowing you can connect with Water Guardians in new areas! Or just be reassured that you are not alone in your LOVE of Water


Please sign in below and let us know where you reside, and if you are offering monthly (full moon) water blessings and ceremonies. If you don’t know your Watershed, try looking it up, or let us know a river that you are near. We are updating the map weekly, as we receive your permission to add your information!


Please share with your circles of Love, participate often, post photos!

A Silent Global Minute followed by a Guided Meditation and/or local Watershed Community events - To practice our Codes for a Healthy Earth and setting our pure intention for healing of Women and the healing our right relationship to our Essential One Source Water, thus healing our relationship with All Of Life and most importantly with ourselves.

Loving Waters is honored to participate in the Codes for a Healthy Earth, along wi...

Lee County Watershed, Fort Meyers,FL 

Water Guardian: Holley Ruaen 

Water Ceremony the first Saturday AM every month on the Caloosahatchee River, in concert with Sacred Water Tribe in DelRay Beach with Kristin Bauer.

Past Water Gatherings


Water Blessing Sacred Water Ceremony at Centennial Park in Fort Myers.

This is a synchronized water ceremony with The Sacred Water Tribe in Delray Beach to join in resonance to heal the waters all over the planet. Even if you do not live in Florida or can not attend a ceremony in your area...

Lake Tahoe Watershed, California/Nevada

Water Guardians: Elizabeth Rogers & Jacquie Chandler of Sustainable Tahoe who has produced the Tahoe Expo for 6 years, highlighting the Geotourism potential of the area.

Lake Tahoe is a national treasure and a Sacred Water Heart of the World. It’s one of the world’s largest, deepest, and clearest mountain lakes—22 miles long, 11 miles wide and in a 501-square-mile watershed. Ancestral inhabitants of the Lake Tahoe area - the Wah She Shu Tribe (Washoe) called the Lake "Da ow a ga," which...

Canberra, AU Water Guardian Julie Armstrong hosts a regular monthly water blessing on the Full Moon at different locations in ACT. 

December 14 Gathering:

Canberra, Australia / Wed. December 14 at 7:30 PM - 9 PM UTC+11

The Beach, Weston Park Yarralumla

Water Guardian Julie Armstrong hosts a regular monthly water blessing on the Full Moon at different locations in ACT. Join with her to bless Lake Burley Griffin, Dec. 14.

From the lake, the Water continues to flow down the Molongolo River to join with the might...

Sarasota Bay Watershed, Sarasota, FL

Water Guardian Shelley Darling hosts a Full Moon Water Gatherings in Sarasota

Past Water Blessings

11-13 Marina Park

Come together at Marina Park in Sarasota for a Water Blessing Celebration. We can also align our energy with Devi Tide, Akbar and Jessica from Rising Tide who will be leaving this week for Standing Rock to meet with Mary Lyons, Ojibwe Grandmother and others.

Robert's Bay North Watershed Siesta Key:

with Water Guardians Jessica Brombey and Chris Miller (Akbar)

For More Information:...

Santa Barbara Coastal Watershed, CA Water Guardian Maya Shaw Gale hosts monthly Water Blessings

Monday December 12th, 4:00pm - 5:00pm.  

Full Moon Water Blessing Ceremony at Hendries Beach Santa Barbara, CA (to the right)

Sponsored by Loving Waters & Tribal Trust Foundation

Theme this month is "Purification".

--Please bring a small bottle of water from your land, watershed or home. (Separate from your drinking water) and if you wish, an item to place on the altar.  Come early to find parking!

Past Gatherings:


"National Day of...

Mt Agamenticus Watershed, York, Maine

Watershed Guardian Charlie Riverman

For More Information:

Contact: Attn: Charlie Riverman


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