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We are now adding your Rivers, Lakes, and Watersheds to our Loving Waters Worldwide Watershed & Stewards map so we can easily connect with each other! Imagine traveling and knowing you can connect with Water Guardians in new areas! Or just be reassured that you are not alone in your LOVE of Water


Please sign in below and let us know where you reside, and if you are offering monthly (full moon) water blessings and ceremonies. If you don’t know your Watershed, try looking it up, or let us know a river that you are near. We are updating the map weekly, as we receive your permission to add your information!

Become a Water Steward

Loving Waters is a growing community of water advocates from around the globe, 

united by the most fundamental understanding: "Water is Life" and "Life is Water".


You're invite to join with us and become a Loving Waters Steward!

Receive our Water Blessing brochure as a 'thank you' gift to use in your Water work.

Add Connect@LovingWaters.Life to your contacts to prevent our emails from going to spam.

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