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Our Fiscal Partner

“If it wasn’t for the Tribal Trust Foundation, we would have lost our culture by  now. But there is still work to be done.”    

                                                                         — DOPHU —  Lama responsible for transcribing the Monpa people’s 

                                                                                                indigenous language for the first time in history.

The Tribal Trust Foundation (TTF) is now actively supporting Loving Waters as our fiscal sponsor. All financial contributions to Loving Water will be accepted and managed by the Tribal Trust Foundation. 


TTF is a tax-exempt, nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to receive and disburse funds for individuals and groups, which may or may not be incorporated and maybe presently still developing sufficient administrative or fiscal capability. Through their fiscal sponsorship program, the TTF champions committed wisdom keepers, elders and others dedicated to promoting indigenous wisdom and culture; as well as providing administrative, financial, and program support,


Fiscal sponsorship is a structure that contributes to the nonprofit sector’s support, flexibility, and innovation, by enabling individuals and groups to conduct charitable activities and receive tax-exempt grants and donations without building a full organizational infrastructure or receiving a formal 501©3 nonprofit status from the IRS. The Tribal Trust Foundation’s motivation in providing fiscal sponsorship to those engaged in projects and programs, which are aligned with the TTF mission, is to help further such committed efforts while effectively realizing the goals of both the TTF, and the communities they serve.

While most of their support is monetary or tangible, there are several another benefits to the work they do. They directly elevate indigenous causes to new levels of awareness and understanding. This is especially needed now because the world is waking up to the indigenous, cultural treasures that still exist and need organized advocacy; while recognizing the unique risks these communities face as humanity races headlong into modernity.

Additionally, they translate for — and connect to — wildly diverse peoples, organizations and places, while carrying messages between these diverse worlds. Once aligned, these groups will find empowerment through discovering new networks of communication and resources. Finally, Tribal Trust Foundation gives guidance to these communities, helping them articulate their needs and finding effective ways to safeguard the Land and Water sustaining them into the future. 

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