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Glorious Sun

Streaming down

Catching fairies

dancing Dancing on wavelets

Open I am

To the sun

To the water

To the wind

To the play Of light

Singing gentle breezes

I open



To the arms of women

Whispering my name

To the hands

Of the circle

That holds me

In my power

Once again

I never thought

I could feel so alive

So full of the present

Free of the past

]Enclosed in a circle

Of shining unity

Blood still drips

From the wounds


They open

But are quickly healed

I revel in the tough skin

Over the scars

Now more impervious

To pain

Than the original fragile flesh

I revel in the dance

Within me

Beginning to unfurl sails and fly across the water

No more fear of

The once unspoken dream

Now the dream is real

And it’s truly more

Than any imagined dream

Could have been

I sigh


My wholeness

I am completely here now

There is no doubt

I am here

The loon calls

Confirming my presence

As if returning to the original birth

But not

Just now

I am Being birthed

By the Mother of All

The ancient healing waters

The sun’s rays streaming down

Sparking life

Awakening joy


Depth of aliveness

I come close to myself

And hold me I am the lover

I am the beloved

I am holding the kindness

Close to my heart

I receive joy




I live in gratitude



I am here now

Always In my heart


Tree Child

7:23 AM

Loving Waters

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