Rhythms of the Seasons

Mother Earth pregnant

pulse-sing frequencies

within her embryonic oceans

and savory flesh

rippling waves

from her earth womb

into flowing river veins

breathing springs

melding fires

into raining thunders

lightning igniting

the infinite potentiality

of seeds

There is a reason some of our cultures relate to Earth as feminine, and that Women are made like Earth, because women were created by Creation to be the portal between the spiritual realm and this physical realm, and given life force powerful enough to bring an unborn spirit into this Earth world. When I am within the PrEssence of Earth, who nourishes All of her children, unconditionally with a loving Nature which is providing and nourishing, Life; am inner and inter connecting with Trusting the Powerful Loving, Knowing, Conscious and Aware, Intelligent, Intent of Earth that is billions of years old, to heal, change, and nourish Life. This PrEssence is Life Giving and as women we have the capacity to choose to give, birth, and nourish All Life. As Life-givers we have the inherent authority to speak, and give action for the health and protection of the human family, and All Life belonging to Earth and her Nature.

There is a reason some of our cultures relate to the Sun and Sunlight as masculine, and that Men are made like sun. When am within the unconditional loving PrEssence of Sun-Light, which bathes Earth and All of her children, unconditionally with loving Light, Light which is providing, nourishing, and igniting the metamorphosis of the Seeds of Life, am inner and inter connecting with Trusting the Powerful Loving, Knowing, Intelligent, Conscious and Aware, Intentions of Light that is billions of years old, to heal, change, and nourish Life. We as men have the capacity to choose to give, nourish, and protect the family of All Life. As Light-givers we have the inherent authority to speak and give actions for nourishing and protecting our Life-givers, Earth and her Nature.

The relationships am speaking about are Ancestral, and flow within the DNA of the Waters we are made of. Water interconnecting us, with all Life, within the the water-cosmos within us, within the Earth waters, within the Milk and Honey Galaxy within the waters of the Cosmos, which breaths in and out, pulse-sing with the seasons and rhythms of Creation. We are Life-giving Beings by Nature, or the Nature of Creation that made human beings, and all Life, is Life Giving.

Am offering these words because we may become stressed by the news, are experiencing the effects of natural and man made disasters, struggling for enough food and shelter, dealing with the external controlling and dominating systems of the modern devolving “civilization”, and feel overwhelmed at times, struggling to return to our inner-balance of giving and nourishing Life. Is for this reason that we now have an economic boom in the “self-help” industry, while the systems of this civilization, made by us humans, do our best to address the waves of environmental and human crisis.

We as human beings are experiencing Earth’s fierce or “tough” Love. Some human beings have chosen to become part of her immune system and her ability to birth New Life, by healing themselves and choosing lifestyles more in harmony with Nature, and then being of service to Nature, and the human family. So, to be an aspect of Earth’s healthy Immune System, we seek to reconnect with knowing and understanding the Power of the Nature of ourselves, knowing ourselves as part of Earth’s Nature and ability to midwife, birth and live Healthy Life. Water and our relationship with Water is first medicine because, human beings and all of Nature are water babies.

As Earth moves, flows and breathes through her changes and seasons, am going to share a little about my relationship with the sacredness of Winter and Summer Solstices which nourish the belly of Earth at the equatorial zone.

Earth’s Energy of the Northern and Southern hemispheres move harmoniously as one, much like a yin yang symbol, the in and out breath, a spiraling infinity symbol. Winter in the north is Summer in the south, and visa versa as Earth travels the cosmic seasons with her Solar family, within the Milk and Honey Galaxy. This inner-outer, northern-southern, spiraling, is the living intelligent, aware, conscious, and intentional, moving energy of Earth. This energy, tells the children of earth when to migrate, hibernate, bud, flower, fruit, seed and compost. This flowing, intelligent, Energy of Earth, is where knowledge of the practices such as Chi Gong, Yoga, Dance of the 4 Directions, Midwifery, Reiki, and the Inipi come from ( to name only a few).

In the Winter, Earth’s Energy is inward. Water becomes cold, crystalline and moves slowly, gathering together, creating a star water blanket upon the earth to nourish and protect life’s seeds yet to be born. We give time for introspection into our inner limpid water’s, luminous cosmic pool of conscious clarity and deep listening, for healing, rejuvenation, creative imagination and intuition that nourishes the infinite potentiality of the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of our personal and collective Dream Seeds of Life, in preparation for Spring Equinox.

In the Summer, Earth Energy is outward …Water is warm, flowing, and moves faster in radiant glistening joyful illumination. The Waters of our beings are nourished, and healed by the abundance of Light, being in the microbial soil of the Earth, caring for Spring’s seeds who have become youthful gardens and trees, wildcrafting, singing and dancing in the rain, playing in the dialogue with Nature and giving outward expressions of gratitude, affirming the infinite potentiality of the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of our personal and collective Dream Seeds of Life, in preparation for Fall Equinox harvest.

The Machine of modern civilization, never sleeps, never rests, never acknowledges that without Earth it has no Life, and that humans made the Machine out of the bones, flesh, water, air, fire, blood and human Energy of the Earth. When we remember that a human’s daily cycle is a microcosm, and the woman’s monthly moon cycle is a microcosm of the Earth’s yearly Solstice and Equinox cycle, we see the frailty and inevitability of the Machine’s existence when the human family chooses to honor, respect and live with Earth’s Natural cycle and rhythm.

So, am sending all of you, and All Life, good feelings, and heart thoughts of wellness and gratitude.

May we care to our energy with rest, healing and rejuvenation, give care to our energy by nourishing seeds, give care to our energy by imbibing in pure water and the flowers and fruits of life, give care to sharing our harvest, and give generously to Mother Earth for the Life she gives us.

May we give love and gratitude to crystalline waters, give love and gratitude to the sweetness of springs, give love and gratitude to the vitality and strength of rivers, give love and gratitude to the wise ways of oceans. And may the beauty and joy of rain be the rainbows of celebrating Life.

Thank you to everyone for Loving the Water of Life and for participating with Loving Waters, please join us for an inspiring 2019.

Enjoy. I look forward to sharing with you again.

Much Love and Beauty Way Blessings,

Abril Mondragon

Loving Waters Council member

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