Jim Graywolf Petruzzi

:: Jim Graywolf Petruzzi is an author, speaker and non-profit board member who spent

:: years in environmental studies and learning at the feet of indigenous elders. He now

:: travels around Turtle Island (U.S.) and Europe teaching and sharing his healing and

:: spiritual knowledge. He is a founder of Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother, a non-profit

:: dedicated to the natural world and our children’s legacy.


:: Jim has walked in, studied and melded with nature and its creatures his entire life.

:: He has dedicated the last twenty years of his path to serving people through providing

:: educational, spiritual and healing opportunities. His degrees are in education and

:: Masters in environmental interpretation and natural resource management. His real

:: degrees are in what he has acquired from his indigenous teachers and directly from

:: Mother Nature. In 1990 Jim began studying with indigenous people; Native American;

:: Mayan; Australian; African and other. He has run non-profits and served on the boards

:: of others for over twenty-five years.


:: www.SOTEM.org

:: www.graywolfhealingjourneys.com

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