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A SacredWater Walk ~ Source to Sea

Howsatunnuck (Housatonic) River Prayer Walk

Nurture the Children 8th Annual Water Is Life Walk 2018

May 15 – June 13, 2018

Starting on New Moon ~ May 15, 2018 with a New Moon Ceremony Ending on the New Moon ~ June 13, 2018 with a New Moon Ceremony

Grandmother Carole uses SacredWater as one word to remind us of the sacred nature of Water.

WATER IS LIFE WALK ~ HOWSATUNNUCK RIVER is a healing walk for the SacredWater of the Housatonic River and all life that this SacredWater sustains within its Watershed.

You do not have to belong to a Tribal Nation to know the value of Water. Everyone is born of the SacredWater, all our children were born of the SacredWater, and all our grandchildren will be born of the SacredWater. If we do nothing, what kind of Water will future generations be carried in for their first nine months?

Each step is a prayer. As we carry the SacredWater with love, respect and gratitude, our footsteps transfer those energies into the land, where it is picked up by every drop of Water in the soil and is then passed on to the Water within the roots of all plants and trees and the bodies of every burrower. As the drops gather into streams, creeks, brooks and rivers, the finned, winged and the four-legged come to the SacredWater and they too pick up these energies. Praying for the SacredWater is praying for everything and everyone, for nothing lives without Water.

The theme for the Water is Life Water Walk has been the same since 2003:

“Ni guh Izhi chigay Nibi onji.” “I will do it for the water.”

All people, all faiths, one prayer, for the SacredWater is the connecting source of life, the great unifier.

Thanks to Tunkasila and all the Grandmothers who are walking the Water.


To learn more about past Water Is Life Walks, visit, with thanks to Brian Raven Redbone.

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