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Sarasota, FL ~ 1/12/17 Full Moon Water Blessing and Tribute to Orcas Granny & Tilikum

"At birth we are blessed by the cherishing womb waters and now we are gathering together, honoring and standing for the health and wellbeing of our water." THURSDAY JAN 12 4pm to sunset at the Bayfront Park just before the Dolphin Sculpture.

Please feel free to bring musical instruments, song and items for our water alter~ crystals, flowers, items to be infused with loving healing energy and all waters you may have been collecting from around the world. Loving Waters is growing community of Water advocates calling for a global focus on the Blessedness of Water. These events are locally led and self organizing gatherings within any given watershed and focalized by group of committed Water Faithful. Each organizing group decides the specific details of the Water Blessing action within their watershed: setting the time, place, protocol and unique flavor of their own monthly Water gratitude gathering. As always, these are co creative events and we welcome your gifts. OTHER Watershed Blessings... Tampa Bay/Sarasota,Fl: Water Guardians Shelley Darling & Laurie Wind Ft Myers,Fl: Water Guardian: Holley Ruaen Canberra,Au: Water Guardians Julie Armstrong & Blanche Winter Santa Barbara,Ca: Water Guardian Maya Shaw Gale York, Maine: Water Guardian: Charlie Riverman Bergeron Toronto, Canada: Water Guardian: KA'ryna SH'ha Delray Beach, FL: Water Guardian: Kristin Bauer (FIRST SAT) *To share and see more events go to www.LovingWaters.Life Add your event to the calendar on the website: Loving Waters (LW Blessing brochure is now available for your gatherings, schools and expos" in 4 formats on the web! Easily downloadable!) 💓 Contact us for information on how to host a water gathering in your community! & 💞Flow the Waters by forwarding this to water advocates in your region! Thank you!💞

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