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Water Awake Network

The Water Awake Network is a unique social network intending to connect Water activists from all around the planet.

The website is designed as a series of integrated social networking portals linking our projects, campaigns and inspirations, while inviting us to further explore our integral relationship to the Water Cycle of Life. The Water Awake Network as a global community base camp for all of us who are actively loving and advocating for pure, free-flowing Water… together we are the Water Faithful.
It’s vital, that in this time of great planetary change, we remember a key truth to our human relationships on Earth – WE ARE WATER. In Truth, All Life is born from Water!
Our living, loving Water is crying out for humanity’s awakening.
This very core truth is hiding in plain sight and as we begin to embrace this simple, most essential common bond as sacred, we will naturally seek to collectively and individually safeguard our Living Water as THE SOURCE OF OUR LIFE. It is only from this most basic understanding that we can start to see how we may engage our inherent inter-connectivity for the full benefit of All Life. Sparking this caring and nurturing impulse in humanity from the roots up, in order to effectively activate and organize the local and global guardianship of our Water is the primary intention of this nascent community network.

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