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Introduction to Loving Waters

We're a growing community of Water Advocates uniting together

in remembrance of our primary sacred relationship ~ Life as Water.

The mission of Loving Waters is to celebrate our One Water as the Source of All Life upon our beloved Mother Earth, and to globally encourage the simple act of giving gratitude to our Water, through various ceremonies and blessings, as a significant pathway to healing and reconciliation.

We do this work from the understanding that humanity is suffering from a delusion of separation from our core foundation. For the most part, as a species, we have set ourselves apart from the rest of Life and forgotten that which sustains us all ~ Gaia. It is this delusion we must heal for future generations, by remembering who we truly are and returning into sacred relationship within the Water Cycle of Life.

In essence, we are a activated Water Blessing Base Camp. Each month on the full moon, we invite concerned Water Advocates to gather together virtually and locally in our own watershed, as individuals, family, friends and community to receive of the blessings of the Water, while deepening our love and connection with Water as Source.

Any traditions or expressions of Water blessings which resonates with you are welcomed and honored. ​Loving Waters provides support and focus for these broader actions by hosting the community on this website, a monthly connection conference call, and with a lively social media networking presence.

Also, please share with our other Loving Waters community your photos and insights from your gatherings; as well as posting your gathering schedule and pertinent information. You can do this via our 'Submit Content' page on this website or on our Facebook page.


Loving Waters Facebook Page:


Local and Global Full Moon Gathering

Gather with us at the rising high tide in the light of the full moon

Day: On day of the Full Moon each month

Time: Anytime (you decide)

Full Moon Attunement Call

Connect to the Soul of Water; be inspired with other Water Guardians

Day: On day of the Full Moon each month

Time: 11pm UK/6pm EST/3pm PST/10am AU (next day)

HERE'S HOW: Join from computer or call in! PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: or Dial: +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll) or +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll) For International numbers:

Loving Waters / 530-290-1924 / / LovingWaters.Life

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