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April 1-13, 2017

A Sacred Water Wisdom and Dowsing Journey

Photo credits: Michael Boniwell

“This effort to protect Mother Earth is all Humanity's responsibility, not just Aboriginal People. Every human being has had Ancestors in their lineage that understood their umbilical cord to the Earth, understanding the need to always protect and thank her. Therefore, all Humanity has to re-connect to their own Indigenous Roots of their lineage,to heal their connection and responsibility with Mother Earth and become a united voice ...

                              All Nations, All Faiths, One Prayer.” ~ Arvol Looking Horse

Envision yourself heading outbound on April 1, 2017 to Sydney, Australia, embarking on an experiential odyssey, which kindles your innermost Soul remembering. An illuminating travel experience that inspires one at their core and combines a deepening of inner connection, with the dreamtime voice of a land and its people whose lives are infused with generosity and a respect for a culture that holds communion of spirit and matter as a way of life.

This journey is an invitation and a vehicle for discovery of ones’ essential nature, while

opening to the heart of the Australian Aboriginal voice and message. You will awaken

each day to the delightful song of the Kookaburra’s laughter and the opportunity to

walk, play, dowse, and offer blessings to the Living Source Water, while we enjoy the magic and beauty of the Australian Bush.

This journey will be an awakening of the bridge that connects our personal lineage with our Ancestral Spirit while honoring Ancient ways. This pilgrimage is a sacred journey holding within it the keys for self-expression, contribution and magic...

This journey is for anyone wishing to deepen their experience and reverence for a culture that lives in harmony, respect and love of an abundant land...Abundant Earth.

We invite you to ask us any questions, so that we may support you in making the “Ancestral Bridge” journey a resounding “Yes!”, gathering with other like-minded individuals also wishing to participate and contribute toward co-creating a powerful life changing experience.

We look forward to serving your heart and mind, as we explore together a small part of this

ancient land and its people.

Love & Light,

Shelley Darling, Najma Ahern and Julie Armstrong  

Your Co-Creative Guides

Julie Armstrong

Julie became aware of the global bee crisis and of neonicotinoid pesticides' effect on the bee and honey industry ...

Shelley Darling has dedicated over 35 years to the path of Unconditional Love and Conscious Evolution ...

Shelley Darling 

Najma Ahern

Najma Ahern is a certified Craniosacral Balancing (CSB) practitioner, tutor and trainer specializing in natal care ...


Loving Waters is currently holding a fundraising campaign for their upcoming ‘Ancestral Bridge Wisdom Journey’ for which the funds will go specifically to help the Loving Water Council member and Tribal Trust secretary, Maya Shaw Gail to be able to participating in the journey as valued leader and ceremonialist. So, if you can not go on the  journey, but wish to support Loving Water's efforts please consider donating to the Leaders Fund. 

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