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Loving Waters Council extends an invitation to come together for a significant campaign cleanup our Water. 

Our focus for the next decade is to restore all Water on the planet to the original blueprint of purity.

Beginning on March 22, 2020... and going on for as long as it takes.



We must cherish water as if Life depends on it because it does. We are Water. Water is the Source of All Life on Earth and this beautiful blue bubble is our only home. Yet our planetary Water systems are threatened.

We cannot even begin to imagine the impacts on All Life on Earth if our ocean's currents collapse.

We can no longer wait for someone else to clean up our Water. It's up to each of us.

~ Here are some ways that you and others can heal your local Watershed ~


Some suggestions:


  • First, become a Water First Steward here within the Loving Waters website.

  • Registering your Watershed with the Water First Stewards' community map. 

  • Download to receive our Watershed Kit of printable files.

  • Know your Watershed - inside & out, upstream & downstream of your home.

  • Gather together to stand committed for protecting your Water and the life of your Watershed.

  • Practice daily honoring & gratitude blessings to deepen your sacred bond relationship with Water. 

  • Identify, network & organize other Water advocates in your local community.

  • Form local Watershed Wisdom Councils of 6-12 committed Water Stewards.

  • Connect & collaborate with other Water protection groups in branching tributaries of Watershed.

  • Educate yourselves. Identify the priority issues impacting your Watershed.

  • Formulate efficient plans to clean our local oceans, shores, rivers, and streams.

  • Track and report your progress.

  • Share your efforts with LovingWaters.Life and on our social media pages.

  • Take action, make it happen, and celebrate together on the pristine shores of your Watershed.

  • Teach the future elders of future generations to care for Our Watery Earth for their grandchildren.

How can we participate?

We put Water First in our lives!

Remembering that 99% of the numbers of molecules in our bodies are Water, we pledge to protect, restore, and sustain the integrity of our local Watersheds, every drop of  One Water is indelibly connected to All Life on Earth, yet we know that we ARE the stewards of our home Watersheds.


It is vital humanity makes this commitment now because this is the first and most important step to heal what is ailing our planet. This web of vitality, consciousness, and commitment within Water is the source of all life’s diversity and truly the one common bond united every living being and every living system.


We understand that as a conscious community we can come together collectively in active stewardship for our local Watersheds to ensure the purity and vitality of our one living intelligent Essential Source Water,

to protect the integrity of our planetary Water for the nurturing of future generations.

Dive Into Loving Waters

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