Water as Life ~Life as Water

Loving Waters is a growing community of Water Stewards

 coming together in remembrance of our primary relationship

Water as Life ~ Life is Water

Remembering Water comes first, we love, honor and celebrate

The Sacred Essential Source of All Life

~ Our Living Water and beloved Gaia Earth ~ 

Loving Waters encourages simple acts of gratitude, both as 

individuals and in our communities, with the intention

of expanding our awareness, remembering we are responsible

for cherishing and nurturing Our Essential Source Water.

The Water First Stewardship Community engages Watershed educational campaigns, practices, media, and shared sacred heart ceremonies to open significant pathways of healing and reconciliation within Our Beloved Source Water thru All Life.

In sending this LOVE to the life-nourishing intelligence of 

Our One Water, we commit all our actions to Our Children.

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Your web search engine can clean the oceans with help from the Ocean Cleanup Group browser.


(according to WorldCounts.com)


Great Planetary Water Cleanup

All Life on Earth is the infinite creative expression of our Essential Source Water

As we live, breathe, and act, we give deep gratitude for the Source of Life itself

Please watch our new 'What is Water' video offering! 

Great Planetary Water Cleanup 2020~2030

Loving Waters extends an open invitation for Water lovers and advocates, all around the world

to come together in an epic campaign for cleaning up our world's watersheds and oceans. 

Our focus for the next decade is to effectively restore all Water on Earth to original purity and flow.


Water First Stewardship


Focused Highlights

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Pure Water for Guinée

UPDATE: Like the rest of the planet, the 'Pure Water for Guinée' Water Filter Campaign has been put on pause for the last year. However, we were able to deliver the first Water filters and we are planning for our first kiosks in Guinée when the restrictions are lifted. 

Please go to the La Fondation Aicha website and FB page to learn more and participate.

Support the Campaign! #LaFondationAicha

Loving Waters has aligned with The Waterbearers, to provide effective Water filters to

families in Guinée, West Africa struggling to survive without access to Safe Water. 


Our campaign collaborates with the La Fondation Aicha and Fondation Guinée Solidarity Plus,

in Guinée towards creating the first Watershed Wisdom Centers. These community

kiosks will in time form cultural hubs nurturing the health and wholeness of women and children, with benefits rippling out to improve the wellbeing of their kin and community.

Learn more

The Connection Field

Loving Waters is pleased to gather together for a deep-dive exploration into the Source of All Life

~ Our One Essential Water ~

To participate: https://www.goodofthewhole.com/connection_field

Water Songs

TheRiver Song

Water Minstrel




Water Blessings


Maya Shaw Gale demonstrates how to give gratitude by creating your own Water Blessing Ceremony.

Ongoing Campaigns


We must cherish Our Essential

Source Water as if All Life depends

on it ~ because it does. This pledge gives voice to the commitment of

Stewards for their local Watershed.


A tangible demonstration of our bond, mapping the commitments from the

 community of Water First Stewards is 

a key element of the Loving Waters 

~ Great Planetary Water Cleanup ~




With beautiful deep blue Italian glass

and the beautiful Loving Waters logo

sandblasted into the side of the bottle

 we are infusing Our Water with LOVE.




Community Connections

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Loving Waters Council extends our heartfelt invitation to join together to serve & celebrate our Living Source Water for future generations.
Inspiring communities by collectively connecting in celebration & gratitude for our vital local Watersheds, rippling love out to All Life born & sustained by our Water.


A diverse pool of Water Advocates share their Love of Water to
 express the intelligence from Water as the Source nurturing All  Life upon this precious planet.

Wisdom Blog

As we share our Water prayers & poems, honoring each other’s ceremonies, in a great loving resonance 
rippling within the social
matrix of our Gaia Earth.





'The Great Invocation'

The Eternal Power of the Universe

has gathered itself to create the world

with true and grand harmony

Dr. Masaru Emoto promoted this

mantra as a path into World Peace

~ Read the Lyrics ~


Standing on the Shores of Remembrance

Full Moon Water Ceremonies

Gathering Around the Planet

With Gratitude for our Watersheds

On the day of the Full Moon

In our own Watersheds anytime

~ Share your Events ~


A series of Global healing ceremonies & synchronized meditations dedicated  to the healing of All Waters and All Life. 


~ Participate ~


Sacred Relationship with Water


Generative Alliances

Loving Waters began first working in alliance with The Waterbearers to provide, distribute 

and train in the use of simple water filters, assuring clean water to needed locations

around the world. This type of filter is needed

in areas of compromised water situations and has been used in Liberia, Ecuador, New Zealand, Vanuatu ... #Fortheloveofwater

Thank you to our Fiscal Partner

“If it wasn’t for the Tribal Trust Foundation, we would have lost our culture by now. 

But there is still work to be done.”    

~ DOPHU ~ 

The Tribal Trust Foundation (TTF) is now actively supporting Loving Waters as our fiscal sponsor.

Financial contributions to Loving Water are accepted and managed by the Tribal Trust Foundation.

Social Media Shares


A foundational whole-system framework for citizens of the world to collaborate in radical system transformation and rapid social & ecological regeneration.

~ Learn More ~


Upon hearing the Water’s call, our hearts rise to answer.

Together, moved by a deep remembering and willingness to stand for her, 

we discover the urge to gather for our ONE Water, not as a commodity,

not as a resource, but as the veritable Essence of All Life… within and without.

~ Shelley Darling ~

Watershed Gatherings

Water Wisdom Blog


We are now becoming engaged, committed and loving Water Stewards

through our local ceremonies, global connections, and co-creative actions

We are Remembering ... Life is Water ... Water as Life

We ARE 99 % born of Water 

 ~ Elizabeth Herald ~

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