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Water Blessing Song

Uchu no mugen no chikara ga kori kotte

Makoto no daiwa no miyo ga nari nata

We pray for the healing blessing on the Water

We pray for the healing blessings on the sea

We pray for the healing blessings on the rivers

That they may shine in crystal purity

~ by Nalini Blossom~ 

Japanese Translation

The Eternal power of the Universe has gathered itself

to create the world with true and grand harmony

This Japanese mantra 'The Great Invocation' was promoted

by Dr. Masaru Emoto as a path into World Peace

Simple Water Blessing Ceremony

By gathering together and sending Love and Gratitude to the Water, we are consciously enhancing

the vibration of the Water in the lake or river, in our bodies and also the surrounding landscape.

Love is a powerful healer! 

~ Julie Armstrong ~


Welcome to Loving Waters

Together we connect what has long been separated

and celebrate what is most sacred ~ the Source of Life ~

Our Mother Earth and her Water

~ Elizabeth Herald ~

We're a growing community of Water lovers, advocates and angels uniting together in remembrance of our primary sacred relationship ~ Life as Water.

Our intention is to celebrate our One Water as the Source of All Life upon our beloved Mother Earth, and to globally encourage the simple act of giving gratitude to our Water, through various ceremonies and blessings, as a significant pathway to healing and reconciliation for the planet. 


Each month on the full moon, we gather together virtually and locally in our own watershed, as individuals, family, friends and community to receive of the blessings of the Water,  while deepening our love and connection with Water as Source. Any traditions or expressions of Water blessings which resonates with you are welcomed and honored. 

Loving Waters provides connection, support, presence and focus for these 'Water Guardians' in their broader actions by hosting this website, a monthly conference call, and with a lively social media networking presence.    

tel. 530-290-1924  |  |  LovingWaters.Life


Local / Global Full Moon Water Blessings

Gathering Around the Planet ~ Standing for our  Watersheds

On day of the Full Moon each month at our own Watersheds

Time: Anytime (you decide)

Full Moon Water Connection Call

Connect to the Soul of Water ~ Inspiring other Water Stewards 

On day of the Full Moon each month w/ 'Zoom' conference calls

Time: 11pm UK/6pm EST/3pm PST/10am AU (next day)


Thank you all for bringing back to life the original hearts and intentions for the Water.
Many are hearing the call of the Water and need a safe place to align with other of consciously awakened beings.

~ Charlie Riverman Bergeron, York, Me



Guardian Gatherings

Council &  Alliances

Media  Gallery

Water Wisdom

Upon hearing the Water’s call, our hearts rise to answer.

Together, moved by a deep remembering and willingness to stand for her, 

we discover the urge to gather for our ONE Water, not as a commodity,

not as a resource, but as the veritable Essence of All Life… within and without.

~ Shelley Darling ~


 Community Connections

Dive Into Loving Waters

Receive our Water Blessing brochure as a 'thank you' gift 

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We are now becoming engaged Water Guardians

Through our local ceremonies, global connections, and co-creative actions

We Remember ~ Water is Life ~ Life is Water

We Are Water

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