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Loving Waters Council

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Julie Armstrong

By gathering together and sending Love and Gratitude to the Water, we are consciously enhancing

the vibration of the Water in the lake or river, in our bodies, and also the surrounding landscape.

Love is a powerful healer! " ~ Julie Armstrong

Julie Armstrong is co founder and a key initiatory impulse for the Loving Waters Council. Julie continues to work with groups within her community in the Australian Capital Territory, offering monthly Water Blessings and deepening connection with nature and ‘our place’ as part of the monthly gatherings and learning ways to care and protect our watersheds. All are welcome.

Please email to join our mailing list to learn more about our activities.

Patrick MacManaway’s work with farmers on balancing their land has been an inspiration for Julie. The Rural Consulting Service (RCS) has regular workshops with Patrick working with Australian farmers to understand the science behind quantum physics and explore the impact of energy fields on their management and relationship to their land, animals and our environment. Patrick’s ‘Water Whispering: How to increase Health and Productivity by Energising the Water in your home and on your farm’ was an inspiration for a small group of us to explore and deepen our connection with our local waterways.


Julie is a founder of ACT for Bees group to promote ways to support the health and wellbeing of bees in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and region.

ACT for Bees is working towards making The ACT Bee Friendly by collaborating with local schools, government, land developers and community groups to create ‘Bee Friendly Gardens’ and pollinator corridors to support the health and wellbeing of biodiversity and all life.


For more information and details:

Email: Connect@Lovingwaters.Life Attn: Julie


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