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Loving Waters Council


Charlie Riverman Bergeron

  "Just a reflection of Light in a world of illusions, in which our hearts have chosen to experience each other."


Charlie Riverman Bergeron – EarthAngel ~ is a Watershed Guardian for the Mt Agamenticus Watershed in York, Maine.

In 1991 Charlie had a motorcycle accident resulting in death or, more commonly known as, a ‘Near Death Experience’ (NDE) ~ however, he was briefly returned to the Light, to Source, and thus experienced a realignment and return to this lifetime. The name 'Riverman' was given to him when he was recognized as an EarthAngel when he met a Storyteller named "Greywing". He describes himself in essence as a human co-facilitator of Higher Energies and Purpose, or as he was guided to say, a Spiritual Recovery Facilitator, assisting all to raise their energy and empower them to access their Spirit Nature, freely and without restriction or fear.


He is now focusing on Dowsing Energy and Co-Creating with clients to collectively form a more unified and positive connection to the space 'in and on' which they live, the Earth, the Galaxy, and the Cosmos, to empower their unification for the Highest Good of All Life Forms. Charlie’s practices over the past 20 + years include: Near-Death Experiencer; EarthAngel;  A Course In Miracles Facilitator; Spiritual Recovery Facilitator; Usui Reiki Master/Teacher; NPDT Master and 13 D Healer; 9 Rites of Munay-Ki (Earthkeeper); Crystal Skull Guardian; Golden Light Dowser, Crystal Grid Connector, Watershed Guardian and River Blessing Conduit, Spiritually Inspired Poet & Photographer; and on the more grounded side a Custom Woodworker.


For More Information contact: Attn: Charlie Riverman

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