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Contribute to Loving Waters

"Thank you all for bringing back to life the original hearts and intentions for the Water. Many more are hearing the call of the Water and needing a safe place to align with other consciously awakened beings. Looking forward to the collective resonance and wisdom and it is an honor to be in service alongside each of you."


~ Charlie Riverman Bergeron, Water Guardian  

    Mt Agamenticus Watershed, York, ME  

All Contributions Welcome

We  invite you to contribute what you can in time, skills and/or financial support. Loving Waters is currently an all volunteer endeavor and we're reaching out to the Water Lovers community to help keep this movement growing and sustainable. 

All of your contributions will further our mission of insuring clean, pure Water for the future generations of All Life. Through our fiscal sponsor, the Tribal Trust Foundation, all donated funds will go toward covering operational expenses, developing future programs and to help subsidize printing the Water Blessing brochures for community events. 

Fill out the form below or contact us with questions at:

The Tribal Trust Foundation (TTF) is now generously supporting Loving Waters as our fiscal sponsor. Financial contributions to Loving Water will be managed through the Tribal Trust Foundation. 


TTF is a tax-exempt, nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to receive and disburse funds for groups and individuals aligned with the TTF mission. Through their vital and dynamic fiscal sponsorship program, the TTF champions committed wisdom keepers, elders and others dedicated to promoting indigenous wisdom and culture; as well as providing administrative, financial, and program support to  those they serve. 

We Care Take of What We Love 

Please fill out this form for all type of contribution: time, skills or financial funds and click 'Submit'.

Then, if you are contributing funds to Loving Waters, also click the 'Contribute Funds' button below. 

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