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In 2009 Najma told Julie about an experience she had with an American Dowser. Julie was so excited that she called this Dowser who just happened to be leaving Australia for the US the very next day, and convinced her to teach her Dowsing. Shelley agreed and the three have since then, together, continued their friendship and Evolutionary Dowsing. In 2015 under the influence of a full moon, Shelley, Julie and Najma met with 10 other Dowsers to participate in the Sacred Evolutionary Dowsing Consortium. It was the first of 24 months where they focused on collectively weaving and harvesting their wisdom for the good for the whole, with the full knowledge that together they were greater than the sum of their parts.

Now, add in the Loving Waters story with a dab of inspiration, joy and love for the Earth, her creatures and the water, and you end up with…

The Ancestral Bridge: A Sacred Water Wisdom Dowsing Journey!

We look forward to sharing this experience of earth love with you!

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There is only room for 6 people to join us on our journey. We will be fully booked quite quickly, so be sure to reserve your spot!
Click on this link: Secure my place on this experiential odyssey!
+61 402 230 449
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