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A Silent Global Minute followed by a Guided Meditation and/or local Watershed Community events - To practice our Codes for a Healthy Earth and setting our pure intention for healing of Women and the healing our right relationship to our Essential One Source Water, thus healing our relationship with All Of Life and most importantly with ourselves.

Loving Waters is honored to participate in the Codes for a Healthy Earth, along with 7 Days of Rest and people from all of the world with the 08.03.202 International Women's Day world-wide event ~ HEALING WOMEN ~ HEALING WATER ~ and beyond.

We heal 'Grandmother Water' first... because Mother Gaia Earth and All Life born from her is born from first from Grandmother Water and she is older than the Sun....

"When we learn to respect and fall in love with WATER we stop taking it for granted. When we begin to savor water – both in our bodies and on the entire planet – we change our relationship to it and to each other"

The Waterbearers is a movement started by three women, Spryte Loriano,  Jane Brinton, and Erin Toppenberg, who all share a passion for seeing everyone on the planet having access to clean water. The name was birthed one evening during a conversation with Spryte and Jane, when they both said “The Waterbearers” simultaneously as if they had instantly been made stewards of women and water. Coincidently, the very next night, Spryte was nearing the end of a good read The Serpent of Light: The Rise of the Feminine: 2012 and Beyond and discovered that the Waitaha people of New Zealand, a Matriarchal culture dating back over 4000 years,...


web: www.MilagroWorldCenter.com

The Milagro World Center's Vision is the Miracle of Humanity's Potential Realized.

Our Mission is to provide education, events and community space dedicated to profound personal growth.

Our Focus is on the expanded capacities of the new human and new society, the experience of our shared humanity, compassionate stewardship and organizational development that advances consciousness toward solutions for a better future.

Our Programs provide tangible tools for you to rekindle purpose, build resiliency, and cultivate personal well-being all contributing to long-term societal well-being.

We Advocate the miracle of humanity's potential to create a world that works for all life.


Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother offer a means of building a better world, where people are more harmoniously and sustainably connected to the Earth, all its creatures and each other through the joint efforts of all involved in the circle of its creation.


Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother (SOTEM)




Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother


Standing Rock and Beyond


Fossil Fuel Follies


Water is Life Movement


The primary work of Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother (SOTEM) is to develop a healthier, more peaceful and sustainable legacy to pass on to our children and our children’s children to the seventh generation. The Earth is the primary Sanctuary teacher – providing environmental and spiritual grounding.

Based on the principles drawn from ancient wisdom, the teachings of nature and modern, sustainable science, the Sanctuaries will serve as p...

The Sacred Water Tribe is non profit organization dedicated to serving water consciousness around the globe.





Our mission is to share with all and especially children the power of their thoughts and actions and to pass on a clean and loving planet to them.


Join us locally and globally every month to honor the water in our bodies and on our mother earth. During this gathering we share the message of Hado, the teaching passed on to us by Dr. Masaru Emoto and we share our love and gratitude for the water element. Hado Instructors, Native American Elders, musicians and all of our friends come together to create this powerful and beautiful ceremony of healing. You can also contact us to come and create the first ceremony for your group in person....



Our Shared Purpose: 

To inspire and cultivate connections that support an enduring unified expression of Humanity’s creative potential for the greater GOOD of the WHOLE.


Our Mission is to connect, uplift and share conscious, creative expressions of wholeness and the greater good.  We Vision a conscious world where every individual feels valued, connected and fully expressed.  Join us and experience a world that works for all.

Imagine a conscious community of like-minded people bringing spirit and consciousness to life... imagine a world of greater connectivity where individuals and organizations work together for the GOOD of the WHOLE... 

Our Declaration and Invitation

We, Global Co-Creatives, come together to amplify, promote and support an enduring, unified expression of Humanity's creative pote...



Love Food? Love Bees. Keep the Global Hive Alive!


ACT FOR BEES is a community awareness project showing how vital bees are for the pollination of a whopping 2/3 of our food production.  ACT FOR BEES groups visits markets, Festivals & Sustainability Conferences teaching about the importance of bees for pollination of our food and ways to be ‘Bee Friendly’.



They are more vulnerable to disease and pests through the overuse of pesticides, herbicides, and modern agricultural practices. Human activity is reducing the habitat and food sources. Small and vital bees work together for the good of the whole ecosystem ...

Let’s join them! Bee Friendly Australia!

The Water Awake Network is a unique social network intending to connect Water activists from all around the planet.

The website is designed as a series of integrated social networking portals linking our projects, campaigns and inspirations, while inviting us to further explore our integral relationship to the Water Cycle of Life. The Water Awake Network as a global community base camp for all of us who are actively loving and advocating for pure, free-flowing Water… together we are the Water Faithful.

It’s vital, that in this time of great planetary change, we remember a key truth to our human relationships on Earth – WE ARE WATER. In Truth, All Life is born from Water!

Our living, loving Water is crying out for humanity’s awakening.

This very core truth is hiding in plain sight and as we begin to embrace this simple, most essential common b...

 Join us in a global effort to send healing prayers to the life giving waters of the Earth with a guided water meditation the first Friday of each month.

We are an international network of light-workers is coming together to help us all focus our intention and love to clear the oceans of toxicity, pollution, and radiation, and to help all water attain perfect balance so life can flourish there.  All life depends upon the ocean. The Global Water Healing Meditation was started in June of 2014 in response to a call for help from Granny, an orca elder and good friend of animal communicator, Mary J. Getten.

Please join us EVERY first Friday of the month at 9 am Pacific Time, 12 noon Eastern time by calling (USA) 641-715-3580, access code 158090#  Click hereto see the schedule of upcoming meditations. If you are calling from C...



Vibrant Vital Water® is dedicated to revitalizing, renewing, and preserving earth's most precious and vital resource; "Water" 


"Together with shared intentions of love and respect towards the spirit and substance of water, we will change our relationship with water and the earth. Without water, there would be no life, its the medium for miraculous transformation; the mother of all life. Life is water dancing to the rhythm and vibrations of its environment."

This is a project of love from a visionary innovator Randy Hatton who is developing leading edge technologies to directly and significantly improve the physical and bio-energetic qualities of planetary water preserves.

Randy's message to the world is; water is 'Conscious'. Its a living, breathing memory containing being/element, if it...

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