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You are invited to gather with Loving Waters for the 7 Days of Rest and Reflection, 2nd annual global event, beginning Tuesday, January 1-7, 2019. For 30 minutes each day on Zoom, the Loving Waters Council invites us to rest and reflect our sacred relationship with our ONE Source Water, as a flowing river in relationship to the Foundations of all Life. We are excited to bring forth our new 'WATER FIRST' PLEDGE campaign. This downloadable Pledge file is a pathway to restoration and greater love of Water and all are welcome to use it in their own communities . 


Day One - Earth's Water

Day Two - Cherish Water- Linda

Day Two - Water Blessing Us

Day Three - Celebrate Fire

Day Four - Honor Air

Day Five - Protect Our Climate

Day Six - Support Biodiversity

Day Seven - Web of Life

Day Seven - Closing

 7 DAYS OF REST ~ Honoring the Foundations of Life

TIME: 2pm PST/3pm MT/4pm CENTRAL/5pm EST ~ Begins everyday on Zoom: Jan 1, Tuesday


DAY 1 Earth: Earth’s Water ~ Hosting Water Steward: Charlie Riverman

If Earth didn’t have water there would be no life. Let’s rest in the wondrous mystery of Earth’s Water,

and as a collective share our reflections.


DAY 2 Water: Cherish Water ~ Water Ceremony: (LWC) Loving Waters Council

I pledge to put Water First in my life; to respect, appreciate, and cherish Water as the sacred source of all life 

and a primary intelligence of the Earth.


DAY 3 Fire: Nourish our Inner Waters ~  Hosting Water Steward: Elizabeth Herald

Knowing that 99% of the molecules in my body are Water, I pledge to nourish my own inner Water by choosing

healthy thoughts, words, emotions and actions.


DAY 4 Air: Watershed Wonder ~ Hosting Water Steward: Grandmother Abril

Joining with others, I pledge to protect, restore and sustain the integrity of my local watershed, understanding

it is deeply interconnected with all other Water on the planet.    


DAY 5 Climate: Water for the Future ~ Hosting Water Steward: Shanti Heart Hollinger

I pledge to share my love of Water with my family and community; to continue educating myself and others

in ways to ensure the purity and vitality of Water for future generations.


DAY 6 Diversity: WATER FIRST' Youth ~ Hosting Water Steward: Maya Shaw Gale

Parents and Grandparents Invited!

Let's have a new spin- Storytelling time! We will be reading water stories for the kids- big and little-

and talk about how to use the pledge in schools and our communities


DAY 7 The Web of Life ~ Closing Water Ceremony: (LWC) Loving Waters Council

LWC Stewards with at least one at the Water for ceremony...

Facebook live: Loving Waters Council

NOTE: All events will be LIVE on ZOOM and will be recorded. (Day 1 & 7 will be at the water's edge).   

Please go to the Loving Waters Facebook event page for the access to the Zoom call-in numbers. 

The recordings will be posted here on this page of the Loving Waters website.


If you're not familiar with ZOOM, it is an easy-to-use video conference. Simply click on the link below and it will give you instructions on how to install. If you would like to use your phone, use the call-in numbers below.

               Meeting ID: 374 914 7271
               Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

               NOTE: NEW NUMBERS!
               One tap mobile
               +16468769923, 3749147271# US (New York)
               +16699006833, 3749147271# US (San Jose)

               Dial by your location
               Find your local number:

We look forward to sharing our WATER FIRST PLEDGE with you!

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